Please Note: An upgrade to the existing eBird Trail Tracker program is currently being reviewed and with pending changes to base software needed for the existing program, we will no longer be accepting orders for the current eBird Trail Tracker program after August 15, 2018.

eBird Trail Tracker

A virtual gateway to birds at your visitors center

eBird Info Center Screenshot
Our application lets your visitors...
  • Find bird sightings at your location
  • View photos, audio, and life histories
  • Record their own bird observations
  • Get sightings at other locations
  • View websites, cams, and area attractions


Show bird sightings at your location

Show your visitors the latest sightings at your facility, including lists and interactive maps. Rarities and specialty species for your area are listed first.

Feature your specialty species

Easy to use, powerful search tools let your visitors quickly find sightings of specific bird species that are specialties at your locations.

Observations help science and birders

Sightings recorded by your visitors become part of eBird, an online checklist program that scientists, birders, and anyone with Internet access can use to review bird observation information from specific locations across North America.

Integrated bird guide

Photos, audio, video, maps, and life histories of birds at your facility. Life history summaries from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Bird photo galleries

Visitors can browse photos of species on your site's checklist. When idle, eBird Trail Tracker automatically plays a slideshow of observations from the past week.

Bird sightings on your web site

Automatically show the last week's sightings on your web site with our easy to install Sightings Widget. No coding required.

Optional Add Ons

Gateway to your web site, bird cams, and sponsors

The eBird Info Center option can direct visitors to web content of your choosing, including your location's own web page, web cams, sponsor web pages, or any other web sites relevant to your organization or mission. Users can only visit the items you choose, presented in a single integrated experience.

Multiple locations in one kiosk

With the new eBird Info Center add-on, multiple locations can now be displayed through a single kiosk. This is great for refuges and birding trails that have several facilities or areas.

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